Grounding Roots 
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Hi, I'm Melia, founder of Grounding Roots. I love what we've created here so far! It's beautiful, full of rich experiences, and a community that supports each other and our children. 

Many kids struggle with the current dynamic of the public school system. I am here to change that with the concept of Micro-schooling. Our kiddos don't need 40 hours plus inside a building to learn. Learning comes in many ways, and the aim here is to make learning engaging and exciting. To spark wonder in the world around us. I hope this offering opens a new perspective outside of technology as we engage and explore the beauty of everyday life.

Grounding Roots is where children can learn free from fear and propaganda.

We are a group of holistically minded mamas who enjoy teaching how to use Earth's remedies to heal and grow. We create rich experiences for our children through project-based learning, plenty of time to connect to nature, and love building long-lasting friendships with each other and the community.

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Our Academic Process

Learning Through Experiences*Children's%20Cooking%20Class*webp?alt=media&token=a89dfd64-aa8c-48b9-8ac0-7d3150b30b4a
Regenerative Agriculture*Community%20Garden*webp?alt=media&token=483661f3-0ef6-4b94-b019-b7ebc1dbd1c1

Our Micro School Operating Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
9:00 am to 1:00 pm