Academic Plan

Are You Ready For A New Way?

This concept takes imagination beyond what traditional school settings look like. It is an opportunity for your child to learn without walls in a wholesome and safe environment.


  • Gardening plots for each child to explore, grow, and understand growing foods' life cycle.

  • Moon phases for when to plant based on the farmer's almanac. 

  • Weather interpretations.

  • Regenerative Agriculture methods for creating healthy soil. 

  • Life cycles of trees, bar owls, chickens, frogs, and others. 

  • Woodworking Painting and drawing series each semester with an art teacher.

  • Acrylics, watercolors, charcoal, and more.

  • Canning and seed saving methods.

  • Needlework and crocheting.

  • Baking and candle making.
  • Individualization of Curriculum 

    Each child will have an individualized curriculum based upon grade level, but we will blend the project-based learning activities to fit the group.

    Earth, life, and physical sciences. 

    Social studies and history. 

    Math and reading skills. 

    **All primary curriculum will be wrapped in the skills listed above.

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