We are growing and excited to announce a wonderful addition to our team! 

Mrs. Hammer-Yip will be joining us in spring semester of January 2023!

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Hi everyone and welcome to our beautiful school! My name is Mrs. Hammer-Yip. I'm in my 13th year of teaching elementary school, and my 23rd year of working with young children in various capacities, such as coaching, camp and children's recreation programs.

I previously taught in the public school boards in both England and Canada for 10 years before leaving to teach in private, alternative education for the past 3 years. Both my husband and myself love that our daughter gets the best of both the homeschool and private school worlds this way! 

She is thriving in this type of educational environment and looks forward to all of her "school days" and especially enjoy activities like class parties and field trips. We love that she isn't rushed in her learning, and she has greatly benefited from the multi-age learning environment. 

Developing a solid literacy and numeracy background is something we will work on during our time together. I have additional training in teaching mathematics basics and reading, and absolutely love instilling a love of reading in our eager young learners! 

It's very important to me that your child moves at their own pace, and gets to be outdoors a lot, one of the many aspects of holistic education that we see here at Grounding Roots.

I look forward to helping make our students' time here a success and happy memory in their lives!

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